The Moon Garden is a hidden garden in the Womens' Halls in Gothregor, in a secret courtyard next to the Ghost Walks, which had formerly been the dwellings of the Knorth women before the Massacre. It was overlooked by a window from the Knorth Matriarch's rooms in the northern outer wall, until Kinzi had the window bricked up after she witnessed Rawneth making love to a changer in the garden.

The changer was Keral, and the occasion was likely the conception of Kenan, now Lord Randir. After the Massacre, Tieri lived in the Ghost Walks and spent time in the Moon Garden, and it was there that Gerridon came upon her, fulfilling the contract Gerraint had agreed upon, fathering Kindrie there. Tieri died giving birth in the Moon Garden as well, and her death banner hangs there too.

The Moon Garden is the center of Kindrie's soul-image, and is in the backdrop of Kinzi's death banner; Jame comes across Bel-tairi comforting Death's-head there.