Mullen's honest Kendar face regarded him anxiously from among the ranks of the haughty, Highborn dead. […] Mullen had earned his place in this hall by practically flaying himself alive on the cold stone floor, all so that his lord would never forget his name again.
Torisen's narration, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter I: Naming the Dead"

Mullen is a ruddy-faced Knorth Kendar whose name Torisen forgets in To Ride a Rathorn, breaking his bond with the man.[2] Mullen goes missing, and even though the Gothregor Herbalist Kells reminds Torisen of the man's name, this doesn't remake the bond.[3]

Torisen's steward Rowan finds Mullen in the death banner hall of the keep; he has been slowly killing himself in there with a white-hilted knife, hoping hopelessly that some remnant of the bond remained and that Torisen would feel his pain and find him, as a Lord will find his wounded men on the field after a battle and give the mortally wounded the release and honorable death of the white knife. It doesn't work; Torisen feels nothing and is unaware of the man's plight. He's still alive when they find him, barely, holding onto life only in the hope of being recognized again; Torisen tells him, "Mullen. Welcome home." and he dies, happy.[4]

His death banner is one of only twelve remaining after Jame took the torch to any of the ones who wished to be freed at the end of Bound in Blood.[5]


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