What have I ever been but a pastime to him until he could bed you?
Narsa, Honor's Paradox,
"Chapter VII: The Day of Misrule", II

Narsa is a Ardeth randon cadet.

In To Ride a Rathorn, Timmon seduces Narsa, trying to make Jame jealous.[1] Narsa is subsequently jealous of Jame because Timmon is more interested in Jame than her. Narsa and Timmon's dalliance doesn't last long,[2] but Narsa is hurt and angry enough she tries to kill Jame by leaving Shade's snake Addy in Jame's bed, and then attacks her later in the Knorth quarters with a knife, though she's too upset to make a credible attempt at Jame's life.[3]

That autumn, during Bound in Blood, Timmon takes Narsa back.[4] Jame once asks Narsa for help in her attempts to keep Timmon reasoning that Narsa might help Timmon overcome the damage Pereden's example did to him, though Narsa just runs away.[5] However, as Kendar females have no control of their fertility with Highborn men, she becomes pregnant, which would eventually disqualify her from randon training. During the Day of Misrule she attempts to order Jame to kill her,[6] instead she is bitten by Addy, and proceeds to hang herself above Timmon's bed.[7] Ironically, this does help Timmon free himself from Pereden's influence and example.[8]


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