Negalent Nerves-on-edge was a Knorth Highborn, who died of a nosebleed on his wedding night. He banner hung in the hall of Gothregor.

In Bound in Blood, Jame recalled his name for the memorial on Autumn's Eve. Jame says he's a third cousin twice removed of her and Torisen.[1][2]


  1. Bound in Blood, "Chapter I: Naming the Dead" — "another blurred face with strangely anxious eyes. 'Negalent Nerves-on-edge, I think, a second, no, a third cousin twice removed, dead on his wedding night of a nosebleed. How embarrassing.' "
  2. Bound in Blood, "Chapter I: Naming the Dead" — "Lexicon" — "Negalent Nerves-on-edge: a Knorth Highborn who died of a nose bleed on his wedding night"

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