This article is about Lady Nessa of Min-drear, Lord Min-drear's sister. For Nessa Silken-hair, a Merikit lodge-wyf, see Nessa Silken-hair.

This page consists entirely of information from the short story "Stranger Blood" which is not considered entirely canon.

The white figure fluttered anxiously about them like some ghostly moth. Only her anxious, red-rimmed eyes showed through the slits of her veil-mask.
Arie's narration, Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry,
"Stranger Blood"

Lady Nessa is the elderly sister of Lord Min-drear. She is senile by the time of "Stranger Blood", and is killed by the changer that comes to take its revenge on the inhabitants of High Keep. The changer then takes her appearance.[1]


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