This article is about nightshade, the drug. For Nightshade, a Randir Kencyr, see Shade.

Nightshade is a toxin, very mild to Highborn, and somewhat stronger to Kendar. It is used as a sedative.[1] Ardeth use it on multiple occasions to sedate Adric.[2][3]


  1. Seeker's Mask, "Interim II: Kothifir Encampment" — " 'I hope,' he said, 'that there was nothing worse in that wine than a sedative.' Ardeth shrugged. 'An infusion of black nightshade never hurt any Highborn. The dose wasn't measured for a Kendar, though.' "
  2. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter IV: Testing", II — " 'Did your lord get off safely, Aron?' 'Before dawn, ran,' replied the Ardeth […] 'If his guard can keep him quiet with drafts of black nightshade, they hope to get him past Gothregor before he decides to tackle the Highlord again.' "
  3. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter XV: Wilden", II — "Adric put down his cup and leaned forward. 'I would have been here earlier, but someone slipped nightshade into my evening tipple and I overslept.' "

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