Told you there were tribes farther north, didn't I? The Noyat are one of them. They're pushing south into what was Merikit territory […] Sworn enemies, they are, with a touch of the shadows in their blood from living so close to the Barrier.
Mother Ragga, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter XI: Equinox", III

The Noyat are a hill tribe. They live in the Snowthorns, farther north than the Merikit, close to the Barrier.


Noyat culture is very different from Merikit culture. Among the Noyat, the chief is the political leader rather than the religious one, and they rather misunderstand the role of the chief and queen in Merikit culture.[1] Unlike the other hill tribes, the Noyat do not worship the Four, and have instead put their trust in the shadows.[2]


  1. Bound in Blood, "Chapter XV: Winter's Eve", I — " 'No offense intended, but I came to discuss serious matters with your lord.' […] 'My housebond Chingetai is on the hunt, but will return for the night's feasting.' "
  2. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter XVIII: Summer's Eve", I — " 'Why aren’t the Noyat busy with their own bonefires?' […] 'the Noyat don’t set ’em. Put their trust in the Shadows, haven’t they? We Four are nothing to them unless the Burnt Man catches one of ’em over a border that he’s sealed.' "
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