Dear boy, what use have you ever been to me? You haven't the courage to fight or the intelligence to intrigue. Since Donkerri's mother died bearing him, to both his discredit and yours, you can't even add to my stock of grandchildren. On the whole, the most constructive thing you could do, short of killing Torisen, would be to let him kill you.
Caldane, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 4: First Blood"

Nusair was one of Caldane, Lord Caineron's sons. He is Donkerri's father;[1][2] however, Donkerri's mother died bearing him, blacklisting Nusair for future contracts for children. Nusair attempted to kill Torisen multiple times, probably on his father's orders, including by pulling a building down on him at Tiglon and putting an adder in Torisen's boot at Mensar. Caldane considered Nusair expendable after Donkerri, telling him that he had neither "the courage to fight or the intelligence to intrigue", that he could no longer even provide him with grandchildren, and that the most useful thing he could do short of killing Torisen is letting Torisen kill him, to give Caldane a blood feud he could use.

Nusair was instead killed by a Darkling Changer, who then impersonated Nusair in an attack on the Highlord, which proved unsuccessful.[3]


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