Obi had never made it a secret that he considered Gorbel's status as lordan only temporary. Surely, when that regrettable time came, the new Lord Caineron would be drawn from among Caldane's senior sons such as… oh, say his eldest, Grondin.
Jame's narration, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter V: Fractures", II

Obidin is a Caineron Highborn: Grondin's son, Caldane's grandson.[1]

He is a randon cadet at Tentir. Obidin had own ten-command until the autumn cull. Obidin was considered a good commander. Just before the cull, he lost half his squad in a freak accident involving a bucket of eels and a ball of lightning. What was left of his ten-command was taken apart. Obidin was put in his uncle Gorbel's ten-command. There, he was Gorbel's Five.[1]

In Honor's Paradox, he attends the Lordan's Presentation with Gorbel.[2]

Near the end of Honor's Paradox, he takes part in Gorbel's challenging Jame, along with Fash and Higbert.[3]


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