She's short (for a Kendar) with white, close-cropped hair and almost a complete lack of affect. No one can tell what she's thinking, least of all Jame.
P. C. Hodgell,,
"Worldcon reDux"

Ran Onyx-eyed, whose rarely-used name is Marigold, is the commander of the Knorth barracks in the Camp of the Southern Host.

She has short-cropped gray hair, a "still, dark gaze" and a "masklike face"; "one never knew what she was thinking". It can be presumed that she is shorter than average, since Spare and his friend exchange glances over her head. She is one of few words.[1]

When she meets Jame, Onyx-eyed asks her if she wishes to take command of the barracks, as is her prerogative as Lordan; Jame declines, and has no idea of Onyx-eyed's opinion on the matter.[2] Onyx-eyed is second-in-command of the last caravan to Langadine, and takes command after the senior randon is killed by rhi-sar.[3] However, her will is out-matched by Gorbel when he wants to follow the caravan's trail across the Sea of Time, and she acquiesces, asking only that they take an escort (Jame's ten-command) and turn back if they lose the trail.

When Jame vanishes from the Southern Host's camp, Onyx-eyed orders patrols to sweep all the likely places in Kothifir, to no avail. She defends Jame before the other barracks commanders, warning them against interference: "I don’t quarrel with such power. You should think twice before you do."


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