Jame had only, ever, been passing through. Her fate lay ahead, down the path that she had begun to trod tonight.
 Patches’ home lay behind her, scarred as it was with fire, shadow, and boiling strife. That was the Talisman’s legacy, whatever she had meant, and it was the Trinket’s fate to cope with the mess that her mentor had left behind.
 So it was. So it must be.
Patches's narration, "The Talisman's Trinket", V

Patches is Scramp's sister, and Master Galishan's apprentice in the later parts of God Stalk. Patches appears in "Bones" as well, and "The Talisman's Trinket" is entirely from Patches' point of view. P. C. Hodgell has said that she would like to eventually write Patches' full story.[1]

Patches' nickname seems to come from her quilted jacket, made of many different pieces her mother pulled from rag bags.[2]


She comes from a family in Lower Town, with eight children, and she is the second-oldest after Scramp. The siblings all look incredibly alike.[3] She is the Creeper's daughter.

After Scramp kills himself, Jame gives Patches the Peacock Gloves to buy her way into an apprenticeship in the Thieves' Guild with Master Galishan.[3] After joining the guild, Jame teaches Patches the Senethar.[4] She becomes known in the guild as the Talisman's Trinket.[5] Jame calls her "a child of the streets, with neither time nor tears to waste on the dead."[6] Patches' own innate talent, seen in "The Talisman's Trinket", is that she can reach through solid surfaces.[7][8]


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