The old master thief had had the huge, circular edifice built some fifty years ago, just before the final, impossible theft that had made his reputation forever. Then he had retreated into it with his prize, the jewel called the Eye of Abarraden, thumbing his nose at the entire city. Since then many thieves had tried to track the old master to his lair to obtain his secrets, but the Maze had defeated them all.
Jame's narration, Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry, "Bones"

Penari is a landed master in the Thieves' Guild of Tai-tastigon. His manor is the Temple District[1]. He is Theocandi's older brother and becomes Jame's Master in the Guild. He is incredibly famous for his theft of the Eye of Abarraden.[2]


Penari and his younger brother Theocandi both became guildsmen of Thieves' Guild of Tai-tastigon in their youth, and both became great thieves.

As a landed master, Penari got the Temple District. For his manor, he hired the architect Rugen to build the Maze,[3] a replica of the city of Tai-tastigon itself as it was at the time.

Around 2969(see calculations) Penari stole the Eye of Abarraden, and he became known as "the greatest thief in the history of Tai-tastigon."[2] After that, he effectively retired and disappeared into the Maze, rarely leaving it.[4]

Theocandi was jealous of his older brother's reputation as the city's greatest thief. Theocandi became a great thief himself, eventually becoming sirdan of the guild. Penari was not jealous of Theocandi in return, much to Theocandi's anger.[5]

For decades, Penari refused to take any apprentices, as the whole guild coveted his secrets and any apprentice he took would be driven to share them. As an old man, he finally did take one apprentice, Jame: A Kencyr who could be guaranteed to keep his secrets.[6]


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