A period of jeopardy, under Tai-tastigon law, is the length of time after a theft for which possession of the stolen item is punishable under the law. After it expires, the former owner no longer has any property rights over the item. The Five Courts of the Thieves' Guild assess stolen items to determine their value, the guild dues owed, and the period of jeopardy.[1]


  1. God Stalk, Book II: Crown of Nights, "Chapter 5: Winter Days" — "to one of the five Guild courts, each one of which specialized in a different kind of merchandise. There it was assessed and the length of time determined for which its possession was punishable by law. This crucial time, called the period of jeopardy, began as soon as the object came into the apprentice's hands. In Tai-tastigon, possession was the sole proof of guilt."

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