Peshtar was surrounded by a high palisade with sturdy wooden bastions at each corner. Its walls formed a rectangle about two hundred yards wide, the sides angling sharply down the mountain. Inside, a jumble of one- and two-story buildings raised sharp roof-lines against the sunset. […] Peshtar smelled overwhelmingly of resin and rot. Everything there seemed to be made of wood: the houses with their ornate carved façades, the steps, even the narrow streets, whose grooved boards zigzagged through the city down the steep incline of the mountain. Marc led the way between two buildings, down a precipitous staircase with moss-slick treads.
Jame's narration, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 3: Old Friends, Old Enemies"

Peshtar is a small city over the Blue Pass from Tai-tastigon on the River Ever-quick, on the trade road between Eastern Lands and Central.[4] It is surrounded by a high palisade with wooden towers on the corners and has a solid gate that is closed at night. Jame estimates the width between the walls as about two hundred yards; the length is not specified. The land slopes fairly steeply. Everything within the walls appears to be built of wood, including the grooved wood boards of the streets.

The city caters to the caravan trade during the summer and plays host to the brigand bands during the winter months, allowing only one band inside at a time.[3]


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