"Who is our lord?"
"No one!"
"Who is our patron?"
"Lady Rawneth."
"Whom do we serve?"
"The high priests."
"Who is our family?"
"Each other."
"On whom do we spit?"
"On our cruel god, who has forsaken us."
Honor's Paradox,
"Chapter XV: Wilden", I

The Priests' College is where Kencyr priests are trained in their duties. It is situated within the walls of Wilden, the keep of the Randir. Most of the College is underground.

Unwanted Highborn Shanir are often sent to the Priests' College as a way of getting rid of them.[1][2] They are usually sent there as babies.[3]


  1. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter VII: In the Bear's Den", I — "Highborn Shanir like her cousin Kindrie were often sent off to the Priest's College at Wilden—in a sense, thrown away."
  2. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XII: A Season of Discontent", IV — "the Priests’ College was a dumping ground for unwanted Shanir children, resulting in a disproportionate number of healers and others of singular power."
  3. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter XV: Wilden", I — "Most, like Kindrie, had been delivered to the college as babies. It had been mother and father to them, a lean breast and a hard hand."

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