Prince Near is Princess Amantine's husband, and the father of their son Prince Ton.

He was assassinated, and he slowly wasted away until his death.[1][2] When he finally died, his wife declared war on Urakarn, and the Battle of the Cataracts followed.[3]


  1. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XIII: Dreams and Nightmares", II — " 'They say that the princess’s husband, Prince Near, is ailing,' he said, keeping his voice low. Tori swore, also softly. The dying hadn’t stopped with Kruin. One by one, his heirs were still falling ill and wasting away."
  2. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XIII: Dreams and Nightmares", II — " 'It apparently isn’t poison: like most of the Council these days, the prince has a taster. I didn’t see him myself, but according to the servants he’s wasting away. The princess is beside herself.' […] Motherhood hadn’t softened Amantine’s militant nature. If her husband died, she was apt to declare war on Urakarn unilaterally."
  3. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XIII: Dreams and Nightmares", III — "That night, Prince Near died. At Princess Amantine’s insistence and on the basis of the Gnasher’s attack, Kothifir declared war on Urakarn."

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