This article is about the Karkinoran prince. For the Master Glass of the Thieves' Guild of Tai-tastigon, see Odalian.

His family, the Agontiri, had always had close ties to the Kencyrath because their capital city—in fact, their very palace—was built around a Kencyr temple. Odd how other people so often seemed drawn to those nine houses on Rathillien of the Three-Faced God. […] Odalian had recently gone one step beyond his status as host, though, by marrying the only Highborn lady even permitted to form an alliance outside the Kencyrath. Torisen suspected that the Prince would gladly become a Kencyr himself if that were possible.
Torisen's narration, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 2: The Hell Hunt"

Prince Odalian of Karkinor was a strong Kencyr ally; his family, the Agontiri, had close links to the Kencyrath partly because their palace, and thus the capital city of Karkinaroth, was built around one of the nine Kencyr temples. Odalian bound himself to the Kencyrath even closer by marrying the only Highborn lady ever permitted to form an outside alliance; this was with Lyra, daughter of Caldane, Lord Caineron.[1]

Odalian was tricked by the changer Tirandys during the events recounted in Dark of the Moon; Tirandys took on Odalian's appearance, and left Odalian chained in a distant room in the Master's House.[2] By the time Jame rescued him, it was too late; the shadows were in his blood and soul, and he had become a changer himself. He took the Ivory Knife from Jame's boot and a scratch from it ended his life.[3]


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