I had a son. My last child. A randon cadet. His name was… Quirl. He tried to assassinate the Randir Heir at Tentir, and failed. Lady Rawneth took away his name, his soul. She did the same to all the cadets who failed to do her will. Their parents can’t remember them, only that they have lost something precious.
Corvine, The Sea of Time, "Chapter XX: A Season of Fog", V

Quirl was a Randir randon cadet at Tentir.

In To Ride a Rathorn, he fires on Randiroc with a bow and arrows. His scent is given to hunting dogs, who hunt him down and tear him apart.[1]

As punishment for failing, Rawneth took away his name. Without a name, his soul crumbled. In Bound in Blood, his mother Corvine demands that Jame remember his name and tell her.[2] Unable to properly remember it, she carves her name into her arm.[3]


  1. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter XXI: Loyalty or Honor", VI — "the direhound raised its black head and snarled up at her over its prey. […] Huddled as the body was, she could only guess that the Randir cadet was male. […] Those were the fingers that had smoothed the arrow's feathers, set its notch to the string, and loosed it at a man whom this cadet had been told was a mortal enemy of his house. […] there was Shade […] She glanced over the railing. 'Quirl. He always was a fool.' "
  2. Bound in Blood, "Chapter IV: In the Moon Garden", II — " 'Your son's name was Quirl. He tried to put an arrow through the Randir Heir and failed. The hunt-master gave a lymer his scent from the fletching and sent a direhound after him. He was dead when I found him. I'm sorry.' […] That was what Rawneth had done to the cadets who had failed to kill her son's rival: she had taken away their names. Without a name, soul and body crumble. No wonder they had been too wasted even to cast proper shadows. Soon, it would be as if they had never been born, except for an aching, nameless void in the lives of those who had loved them."
  3. Bound in Blood, "Chapter XIII: A Day in the Life", V — " 'Do you remember?' The Kendar rolled up a sleeve. On her forearm, carved deep and scarred over, was a name: Quirl. 'The flesh remembers.' "

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