Glow-bugs traced his movements. He played with them, sculpting their flight with his white hands, expanding his gestures into wide, glowing sweeps. They danced with him, and he with them, wind-blowing kantirs in a moon-silvered field. At times, in flight, his feet barely touched the bending grass.
Jame's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter XVII: Into the Wilds"

Randiroc, known to the Merikit as Mer-kanti, is the "lost Randir heir", the Randir Lordan deposed by Rawneth in favor of her son Kenan. As Highlord, Ganth Gray Lord should have ruled on this, but the Knorth Massacre and White Hills intervened. As a Shanir randon weapons-master and Tentir contemporary of Harn and Sheth, Rawneth's Shadow Assassins contract on him has remained unsuccessful. He has bound to him a flock of royal jewel-jaws, color-matching carrion eating insects and can only eat blood, milk and honey.


Randiroc is, as all Highborn, who rule or seek to rule a House must be, able to bind Kencyr to him. He is a powerful Shanir, and has all the classical physical traits; white hair, skin and eyes so light they can barely bear sunlight.[4] His Shanir traits became more and more pronounced over time.[1]


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