The Randon Council, nine in all, consists of the most senior randon in each house. They decide major matters at the randon college, Tentir, and are the body that determines an award of randon status after training. They set the passing grade after the initial tests at Tentir, and vote to keep or discard cadets in each round of culls thereafter. The post of Commandant of Tentir is held in rotation by each member of the Council for a period of a year. Members of the Council administer the randon oaths when cadets are accepted into Tentir.[1][2][3]


House Current
senior randon
senior randon
Knorth Ran Harn Ran Hallik
Caineron Ran Sheth Bear
Ardeth Unknown Ran Aden
Randir Unknown Ran Awl
Jaran Ran Jurien
Brandan Unknown
Coman Unknown
Edirr Unknown
Danior Unknown


  1. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter V: A Length of Rope", I — "The Randon Council, comprised of past and present commandants of Tentir, would set the final mark when all scores were in."
  2. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter XVI: Midsummer's Eve", III — " 'The entire Randon Council went on that grim hunt—nine in all, one from each major house and all former commandants of Tentir' "
  3. Honor's Paradox, "Lexicon" — "Randon Council—nine senior randon, one from each house, who alternate as Commandant of Tentir"

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