Around the high neck of his austere dress coat he wore a silver collar hung thick with plaques that chimed softly as he moved. So many battles. So much honor.
Jame's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter I: An Unfortunate Arrival"

A randon collar is the symbol of the randon, the Kencyr officer corps. It is awarded after at least three years as a randon cadet and extensive testing, both at the randon college of Tentir and elsewhere, although service in battle can earn early promotion.

The shape and function of the randon collar seems inspired by the Kenthiar.[1] It was associated by them with a "talisman, a device" which was a symbol of authority for the "Chief Builder" of the lost race of the Builders.[2]


Suspended from each shining ring were the plaques that recorded the career of its owner—in what class graduated, what ranks and stations held, what honors won in which battles and in which slain:
Rue's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter I: An Unfortunate Arrival", II

Plaques are added to a collar in honor of events in that randon's career.


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