How much of Rathillien is left, even now? Our scrollsmen tell us that it’s round, like every other threshold world we’ve encountered. So what’s on its far side?
Jame, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter XVIII: 'Please' ", IV

Rathillien is the threshold world upon which the Kencyrath now makes its home.


Rathillien is populated by a large number of animal and plant species familiar from our world, but also many that are rather different or unique. Areas influenced by Perimal Darkling exhibit additional difference, given that the Darkling influence blurs the distinctions between living and dead, animal and vegetable.

Plant lifeEdit

Main article: Plant life on Rathillien

Much plant life is Earth-equivalent or Earth-analog, with some exceptions. One large one is that many species of trees are mobile, a phenomenon known as arboreal drift. There are also Rathillien-specific species, such as host trees.

Animal lifeEdit

Main article: Animal life on Rathillien

Much animal life is Earth-equivalent or Earth-analog, again, with some exceptions and Rathillien-specific species.

Regions, nations and citiesEdit

Central LandsEdit

Rathillien (Colored)

Those nations west of the Ebonbane.




Eastern LandsEdit

Eastern Lands

Those nations east of the Ebonbane.

Languages and writing systemsEdit

Kessic is the common script of Rathillien.


The Tastigon calendar seems to be in common use.


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