Rathorn Crest

The rathorn sigil is a brand, consisting of three curved lines which represent the horn and nasal tusks of a rathorn stallion.


  • This brand is used to mark individuals who have committed particularly heinous crimes.
  • It was used to mark the Oath-breakers as a punishment for their refusal to follow Ganth Gray Lord into exile, such as Corvine.[1]
  • It was used by Those-Who-Returned to mark themselves as Knorth, after Ganth's exile.[2]
  • It was also used by the former Knorth Lordan Greshan to mutilate the Whinno-hir mare Bel-tairi, resulting in the loss of one of her eyes.


  1. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XX: A Season of Fog", V — "The woman bent forward and lifted a heavy fall of hair off the back of her neck. The wavy lines of the rathorn sigil were branded into her flesh, the white scars decades old."
  2. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter VIII: A Forgotten Name", II — "In token of their fervent hope that the Highlord would one day return, many had branded themselves with the Knorth sigil, the same highly stylized rathorn head used to mark the Knorth herd."

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