Some distance below, stretching from the river bank back until the western hills swallowed it, was the largest fortress which Jame had ever seen. Actually, it looked more like a city with many walled districts. A castle keep built on a towering mound dominated the whole, separated from it, moat-like, by the split waters of a tributary rushing down to join the Silver.
Jame's narration, Seeker's Mask,
"Part III: The Riverland", X

Restormir is the Riverland keep of the Caineron. It is on the western bank of the Silver and is the northernmost keep in the Riverland.


Restormir was originally an ancient Bashtiri fortress, which like all the keeps, was itself built on the site of an even older Merikit hill fort.


The MoundEdit

The Mound is central tower of Restormir. The tower is hollow and over two hundred feet in height; the outer part contains living quarters, and the bottom of the tower is the Caineron dungeons, and a well. On the inner walls, balconies are placed seemingly at random.[1]

The CrownEdit

The Crown is the very top of the Mound. It cantilevers out in nine tiers around the top of the shaft, leaving a small opening to the sky.[2] On the top of the Crown is a garden, in which lives Cattila, the Caineron Matriarch. It was built by Caldane's father, the previous Lord Caineron. Caldane is terrified of heights, but refusing to live in the Crown would be admitting weakness.[3]


Parts of Restormir are divided into 7 compounds, one each for Caldane's 7 established sons.


  1. Seeker's Mask, "Part IV: Restormir", IV — "The heart of Restormir proved to be hollow. At the bottom were the flooded levels of the dungeon, a black, noisome well in which floated debris and drowned rats. The innermost of the concentric halls overlooked it, ring on ring of them connected by iron stairs, extending upward to the top of the mound. […] Balconies studded the walls seemingly at random,"
  2. Seeker's Mask, "Part IV: Restormir", IV — "Overhead, the Crown cantilevered out in nine tiers around the top of the shaft, leaving some twenty feet at the center open to the night sky."
  3. Seeker's Mask, "Part IV: Restormir", IV — " 'Why would a man afraid of heights live at the top of a tower?' she wondered out-loud. 'M'lord? If he thought that fear was common knowledge, he'd spit blood. Besides, the Crown was his father's work.' "
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