Midwinter came with a spate of rain, drumming on the baked ground. The Amar ran swift between its banks around the city and in channels through the Undercliff, fed by mountains to the north.
Jame's narration, The Sea of Time, "Chapter XII: A Season of Discontent", V

The Amar is a river than runs though Bashti.[1] After the Silver, it's the biggest river in the southern lands.[2] Kothifir is built where the Amar crosses the Escarpment. In Kothifir, the Amar runs through the Undercliff.[2] From there, the Amar runs south, into the Betwixt Valley,[3] and into the Southern Wastes, where it once fed the Salt Sea, before it dried up.


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  3. The Sea of Time, "Chapter I: Kothifir", I — "the Betwixt Valley, laced fresh green with irrigation ditches branching off from the Amar"

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