[T]he stained-glass map of Rathillien blazed in green and blue and gold. He traced the southward twisting path of the Silver, from the Riverland to a spot where the craftsman had frosted the glass to indicate billowing clouds of spray. "There. The Cataracts."
Torisen's narration, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 6: The High Council"

The River Silver is the river that drains most of the Central Lands.

The Silver in considered unsafe to swim in, although tributaries of it are ok.[1] Boats were once used in the north, a thousand years ago, during the height of the empires. But after a great Weirdingstrom and earthquake, the river became unsafe. Nowadays boats are used on the river, but no farther north than Hurlen.[2]


The River Silver begins deep in the Snowthorns, at the edge of the Barrier, at a glacier. From there it flows south, through a chain of lakes,[3] and then down into the river valley of the Riverland, where innumerable little snow-fed streams join it. Farther south, the Silver once formed the border between the ancient kingdoms of Bashti and Hathir. Beyond that, the Silver flows along the western side of Karkinor and the Nekrien mountains, and out into the Eastern Sea.[4]


  1. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter XI: The White Lady", I — "No one swam in the Silver by choice: those who did tended not to come out, nor were their bodies ever found. The Merikit blamed the River Snake. […] However, the river's tributaries were generally considered to be safe."
  2. Seeker's Mask, "Part IV: Restormir", VIII — " 'Why, lady, everyone knows that river travel in the north ended a thousand years ago, after a great weirdingstrom changed the Silver's course from one end to the other' […] 'All we know for certain is that to this day any boat risking the river north of Hurlen tends to arrive without its crew, if at all… and no bodies are ever found.' "
  3. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter X: Spring Equinox" — "an ice-locked lake winding back between steep, dark mountains into premature dusk. […] 'Is this the headwater of the Silver?' […] 'Yes. It stretches through a chain of lakes farther north, to the foot of a glacier, in the shadow of a greater darkness.' "
  4. Dark of the Moon, "Maps"

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