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The Riverland stretched out along the upper reaches of the Silver, bracketed by the Snowthorn Mountains—a rugged country, over two hundred miles long but scarcely ten across at its widest.
Jame's narration, Seeker's Mask,
"Part III: The Riverland", I

The Riverland is the narrow valley of the River Silver through the Snowthorns.


The land was originally inhabited by the hill tribes. As Bashti and Hathir grew, they started competing with each other by claiming land father and father up the Silver. Holding the Riverland was difficult and expensive, however, and about a thousand years ago, after a cataclysmic series of earthquakes changed the course of the Silver completely, and political turmoil at home reduced the will to maintain the ancient rivalry, the area was gifted to the Kencyrath. Since then, it has been the home of the major Kencyr houses.[1]


Along the Silver are numerous pairs of keeps that face each other across the river. Bashti and Hathir built them to watch each other, and guard their border. The western keeps are Bashtiri, while the eastern keeps are Hathiri.[2]


  1. Seeker's Mask, "Part III: The Riverland", I — "At the height of their power, a thousand years ago, [Bashti and Hathir] had built rival fortresses up the length of the river from the Cataracts to Kithorn. Supplying the northern garrisons had always been difficult, however. After a massive earthquake disrupted the Silver from end to end, destroying all travel on it, they had given up and ceded their mountain keeps to the Kencyrath in exchange for military aid. Kencyr troops had served as mercenaries in the Central Lands ever since, the Riverland having proved too poor to support them either."
  2. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 2: The Hell Hunt" — "Like all the paired keeps that faced each other across the Silver at twenty to twenty-five mile intervals down the length of the Riverland, it had been built nearly a thousand years before to guard the northern frontier between the ancient kingdoms of Bashti and Hathir."