[I]n the center of the square, loomed the only round tower she had yet seen in Kothifir, although it was aggressively asymmetrical. With its recessed floors, it looked a bit like an inverted tornado ascending into the clouds, with a dizzying twist to its structure. It was made of white and pink marble. Carved roses climbed its window frames and the balusters of its circling, open spiral stair, giving it a lacy, almost insubstantial appearance.
Jame's narration, The Sea of Time, "Chapter I: Kothifir", I

The Rose Tower is the God King's tower in Kothifir. He holds court at the top of the tower, in a room shaped like a rosebud, with walks of translucent pink marble.[1]


  1. The Sea of Time, "Chapter I: Kothifir", I — "Another twist of the stair, and she found herself at the top of the Rose Tower, in a circular room some seventy feet wide. The floor was paved with pale green, golden veined chalcedony. Petals of pink marble carved so fine that the sun glowed through them made up the walls. A thin, hot breeze edged around the overlapping folds. It was like being in the heart of a giant, overheated rosebud sculpted out of stone."

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