A fierce old man he was—dangerous to cross but fair too, once the bloom was off his anger. I've never known him to hold a grudge against the innocent, or to forgive the guilty.
an architect priest, Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry, "Bones"

Rugen was the architect of Penari's Maze, which he considered the finest work he had ever performed. The architect cut off his own little finger to lay under the center stone, saying 'Blood and bone bind', and told people that he intended to be buried within it.[1]

An architect, in Tai-tastigon is a member of an essentially religious order, which has a sanctuary in the Temple District.

On his final meeting within the Maze with Penari, they quarreled; Penari insisted that, since the idea and the basic plan of the Maze was his, he should keep the final plans. Rugen brandished the plans in Penari's face and then thrust them within his robe and made to leave; Penari stopped him at the threshold to the room and exchanged a few more heated words, which distracted the architect as Penari stole the plans from him. Rugen stormed out, and got lost on the way out. He sent his gargoyle, Quezal, to find Penari, but Penari thought the gargoyle was there to try and steal the plans, and captured and imprisoned it in an ivory box. Rugen died of thirst in the dark.

In Penari's defense, he believed the architect when he said, in the argument, that he knew every turn of the Maze, and thus wouldn't need the plans to get out.

Much later, Jame came across Rugen's skeleton in the Maze; not knowing the man's identity, she named him Hervy, and used his bones to mark important turns and passageways in the Maze as she learned them.

The ivory box broke when things were disturbed in an earthquake, and the gargoyle escaped. Rugen's spirit, and the gargoyle, attempted to collect his bones together and deposit them under the center stone, as he planned for his funeral, using the reanimated skeletons of vhors to do so. After many travails, they succeed, and Penari gives in and allows Jame to use the cloth final plans for their intended purpose—Rugen's funeral shroud.


  1. Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry, "Bones" — " 'I know he meant to be buried there. […] We all make arrangements in the finest building we design—our end-work, we call it—' "

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