Sacred space is the plane of existence of the native religions of Rathillien, such as worship of the Four by Merikit and Kothifirans. Jame first finds herself there in Seeker's Mask, during the Merikit rituals in which she becomes the Earth Wife's Favorite. In it, distances seem vast yet at the same time are much more attainable than in the physical world. Jame theorizes that sacred space is Rathillien's soulscape,[1] and Mother Ragga confirms that it's similar.[2]

In ceremonies, sacred space is created by worshippers running in circles.[3][4]

The Mother Ragga's lodge exist in sacred space and can open doors into the normal plane of existence seemingly as needed.[2]


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  3. Seeker's Mask, "Part VII: Wilden", VI — "The whole procession jogged solemnly sunwise around the courtyard, ching, ching, ching. 'First close the outer circle,' said Ashe softly, 'then circle the inner square… to create sacred space. The summer rites begin.' "
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