He was an outsider too, trying to buy their acceptance at my expense. I could see what he was doing, and why, but I couldn't make him stop.
Jame, Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry, "Bones"

Scramp is an apprentice in the Thieves' Guild of Tai-tastigon under Master Galishan. He is a poor kid from the Lower Town and has a major chip on his shoulder about it, always feeling he has something to prove. He is roommates with Raffing.[1]

He always felt like an outsider in he guild, and often clowned for others' approval, like by dancing on tables at The Moon,[2] and by baiting Jame, the only apprentice more an outsider than him,[3] like when he dared her to steal the Cloud King's britches on the first night in the guild.

On the night of the Feast of Fools, he goaded Jame into declaring that she would steal the Peacock Gloves. After she did, he declared that he didn't believe her,[4] and — as a Kencyr — she had to defend her honor by fighting him. She used her non-dominant hand, to try to make it more fair. Later that night, his master, Master Galishan, disowned him for the incident. That night, Scamp committed suicide.[5] This was foreshadowed; early that night, when Jame was telling Dally about how Kencyr can detach their soul which makes them hard to kill, Scramp remarked that sometimes death is easier than running away.[6]

This episode stayed with Jame for a long time, and she felt guilt about it.


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