The Senethar are the unarmed martial arts of the Kencyrath.[1][2] They are divided into four disciplines: water-flowing, earth-moving, fire-leaping, and wind-blowing. The Senthar has a sister art, called the Senetha, which also uses water-flowing, earth-moving, fire-leaping, and wind-blowing techniques, but is not a martial art, but rather, a dance. Each discipline in its own stance is a beauty to behold, both strong and graceful. But the true forms of both is when they are simultaneously implemented in one encounter and two opponents engage in a fatally rhythmic and spiritual exchange of blows, counters, and suddenly transitions to dancing that embodies the turbulent flow of power that complements battle.

Individual forms are called kantirs, similar to kata in Japanese martial arts.


The water-flowing discipline is one of smooth movement, meeting and turning aside attacks rather than blocking them,[3] and evading blows.[4][5] May resemble the grace of Tai Chi.

In Bound in Blood, Corvine leads the cadet class in practicing water-flowing kantirs, where Shade does very well.[6] Later in Honor's Paradox, Drie is also shown to be very good at it.


The earth-moving discipline appears to be very Judo-like; it is described frequently as using leverage,[7] and holds,[8][9][10], as well as using an opponent's size and weight against them.[11] Earth-moving attacks are most effectively countered using water-flowing.[12]


The fire-leaping discipline is one of showy aggression[12], involving many kicks and strikes. It appears to resemble striking and kicking martial arts such as Karate or certain styles of Kung-Fu. Fire-leaping attacks may be countered with wind-blowing[12] or water-flowing.[13] The style may also be used in swordplay, in which it is also a fast, aggressive and showy style.[14]


Wind-blowing is the most difficult of the Senethar disciplines.[12] It is a light, weightless style, balanced and soaring.[12] Randiroc is considered the master of this discipline; Sheth Sharp-toung says that even Jame could learn from him.[15] Like water-flowing, this style involves much evasion of the enemy's blows.


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