The Seven Kings are the rulers of the divided minor kingdoms of the Central Lands. In Seeker's Mask, it's said that they are specifically the kings of Bashti,[1] though in To Ride a Rathorn, they are the said to be the kings of the Central Lands, meaning Hathir too.[2][3]

After the Battle of the White Hills, when Ganth attacked the Seven Kings, and the Kencyrath suffered a horrible defeat, the Seven Kings had a hand in Ganth's exile.[4]

Seven KingsEdit


  1. Duke Pugnanos


  1. Prince Uthecon (of Karkinor)
  2. King Ostrepi (of a territory bordering)


  1. Seeker's Mask, "Part I", III — "Ganth had assumed that the Seven Kings of Bashti had commissioned the assassins. […] He had marched down into the White Hills where all seven kings were engaged in one of their usually bloodless squabbles and had attacked without parley, […] The end, after three bloody days, had been a stalemate and exile for the handful of surviving Knorth.

    The Bashtiri kings still swore that they hadn't sent the killers."

  2. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter VII: In the Bear's Den", I — "when her father's misguided revenge against the Seven Kings of the Central Lands had led to such carnage and to his own exile."
  3. To Ride a Rathorn, "Glossary" — "Seven Kings of the Central Lands: Bashti and Hathir have devolved into seven minor kingdoms who are always at war with each other, often using Kencyr mercenaries"
  4. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 8: Interlude with Jewel-Jaws" — " 'When the Kencyr lords, his own allies, let the Seven Kings strip him of power,' "

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