The original keep had only been a Bashtiri outpost, built to keep an eye on the much larger Hathiri fortress across the river. The Danior had marginally expanded it, limited by the defile which it occupied under the shadow of a balanced rock which someday would probably smash it flat.
Jame's narration, Seeker's Mask,
"Part III: The Riverland", VII

Shadow Rock is the Riverland keep of the Danior. It is on the western bank of the Silver at a roughly central point in the Riverland.


Shadow Rock was originally an ancient Bashtiri fortress, which like all the keeps, was itself built on the site of an even older Merikit hill fort.



Shadow Rock is named for a large balanced rock which casts a shadow on the keep. However, that has been the case for over 3,000 years, since the keep was in Bashtiri hands, and it has not fallen yet.


Shadow Rock has a rich meadow, which lay in an oxbow until Honor's Paradox, when—after much rain—the river cut through.[1] A short time later, the river cut through again, this time through the other side of the oxbow, and that is how the river flows currently.


  1. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter XIII: Secrets", III — " 'the recent floods have changed the course of the Silver yet again, especially between Shadow Rock and Wilden. See here: there used to be several meander-loops in the river, but now water has cut across the neck of the largest.' […] 'the Randir were encroaching on his land where the river boundary had changed. Of course he would be upset: that loop contains the richest bottomland in his domain.' "
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