[T]hrough the twining ribbons of the courtesans' district,
Jame's narration, God Stalk,
"Chapter 9: A Matter of Honor"

The Silken Dark District in Tai-tastigon is the area of the city where the courtesans ply their trade, which is centered on the Street of Ribbons. It is north of the Red Wax District (containing the Res aB'tyrr).[1] The Lady Melissand manages an establishment just of the Street of Ribbons.

The other time a sexual ribbon motif occurs in the books is in the red ribbon curtains of the bridal bed in Kencyr tradition, such as Gerridon had for Jame in the Master's House.


  1. God Stalk, Book II: Crown of Nights, "Chapter 7: The Feast of Fools" — "northward into the district called the Silken Dark"
Districts of Tai-tastigon
Lower Town Temple District Red Wax District Rim District
Silken Dark District Tynnet Branching District Gold Ringing District

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