Simmel is a Randir randon cadet. His mother was a Randir randon captain whose soul was used by Rawneth to create a demon to hunt Kindrie. She was killed by Bane with the Ivory Knife within the walls of Wilden, leaving behind only a black sludge and a set of human teeth, sharpened to points. Rawneth gave Simmel his mother's teeth as a necklace, so that he never forgot what had been done to her by the Knorth.[1]

At Tentir, he ingratiates himself with Gorbel, the Caineron Lordan, hoping to use him against Jame.

When Gorbel goes out with the Caineron to hunt the rogue rathorn himself, Simmel comes along, and when they encounter Jame in the woods, Simmel grasps her and hauls her onto his horse as a captive and bait for the rathorn, who wants to kill Jame; possibly, he wants the rathorn to do just that.

He taunts Jame and then his pupils expand as he is hag-ridden by Rawneth, who gloats at Jame's fate. When interrupted by a Caineron Highborn, Simmel stumbles behind a bush and throws up; a little later, he looks sick and drained, and starts falling apart as Jame watches. Jame smashes his head with a rock and his skill crumbles like paper before his body crumbles to dust and bloody teeth as he falls.


  1. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter XIII: Blood and Ivory", II

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