The spellings sister-kin and sisterkin are both used in the books.

 "If I were to tell the Highlord what those knots say…" Rawneth began defiantly.
 "Would you indeed, and betray the very heart of the Women's World? What Adiraina writes in the love-knots of this old letter is meant for me alone."
 "If I told…"
 "You would be excluded forever from the solace of sisterkin-ship—if, indeed, anyone should ever want you."

Rawneth and Kinzi, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter XXII: Casting the Stones", V

Sister-kinship (also spelled sisterkin-ship) is a lasting bond between Kencyr Highborn women of different houses.[1]


The term "sisterkin" seems to be used in three main ways, with rather different meanings, as seen here:

  1. to refer to all the Highborn women who are initiated into the rings of secrecy, the "community of sister-kinship"
    • By then, of course, many of them would belong to the community of sister-kinship which would be their only true "home" as adults.[2]
  2. very close relationships between pairs of women
    • "Adiraina and I were sisterkin."[3]
  3. the relationship between a woman and her partner's family
    • "[Tieri] was sister-kin to me, the daughter of Telarien, the granddaughter of my dear, dead Kinzi."[4]

The second usage is by far the most common.


These relationships are forged during young Highborn womens' training within the Women's Halls in Gothregor.

A girl's mother's name appears to be necessary to initiate her into sister-kinship;[5] presumably the general form is meant here. There is no explanation as to why, but the Matriarchs use this as a reason to demand the name of Jame's mother.

A sister-kin relationship appears to be arranged by the Matriarchs rather than occurring spontaneously; Adiraina speaks of "hoping for a glimpse of her new sister-friend."[6]. Before the final vows of sister-kinship, such couples appear to call each other "sister-friend" rather than "sister-kin".

There is some element involving vows and gifts on Spring's Eve.[7][8]


While due to its intensely secretive nature, it can be hard to pin down sister-kinship as one exact definition, they are by and large lovers. Adiraina refers to Kinzi, her sister-kin, as "her lover".[9] Sister-kin may sleep in the same bed when they are in Gothregor;[10].

It's also worth acknowledging that all sister-kinships are not necessarily identical. It is completely possible that the nature of sister-kinships vary as their members do.

The duties of Highborn women mean that the sister-kin relationship is generally a long-distance one, continued through coded messages in the knot-stitch code in the token scarves they regularly exchange to the bemusement of Highborn men.

Known sister-kinshipsEdit


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