The camp was small but heavily guarded, blood-feud and kin-strife being the major social conventions in Skyrr. Recent years had seen some lulls in the violence, mostly due to the new Archiem, Arribek sen Tenzi, but things never stayed quiet in the hill cantons for long.
Jame's narration, God Stalk,
"Chapter 10: The Feast of Dead Gods"

Skyrr is a country located in the northern and eastern region of Eastern Lands. It borders on the Ben-Ar Confederation and Metalondar.[1] The River Tone forms the river with Metalondar, with whom they once fought the Skyrr-Metalondrian War. Following the war, they also border on the charter-city Tai-tastigon, which they share with Metalondar.[2] Skyrr also borders on the Ebonbane, and the Haunted Lands.

Skyrr is divided into multiple cantons,[3][4][5] such as Tenzi and Tenko, each of which are ruled by a Thane. The ruler of all Skyrr is the Archiem.


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