"Songs of Waste and Wood" is a short story written in 2014 and published on the Baen website (see here). It fits in closely with The Sea of Time, and follows Grimly as a young wolf in Kothifir. For example, it includes the same scene from The Sea of Time, "Chapter XIII: Dreams and Nightmares", III, but from Grimly perspective rather than Torisen's, as in The Sea of Time. "Songs of Waste and Wood" chronicles the beginning of his friendship with Torisen, as well as some details about Torisen's return from the Wastes after Urakarn.


Short stories
"Child of Darkness" "A Matter of Honor" "Bones" "Stranger Blood"
"Hearts of Woven Shadow" "Lost Knots" "Among the Dead"
"The Talisman's Trinket" "Songs of Waste and Wood"

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