"Somehow," Chingetai growled at his son, "this is all your fault."
 What the Merikit chief meant by "all" he immediately made clear, from Sonny's failures as a mewling baby to his many short-comings as a man. It was an epic list, its details honed by repetition.
Seeker's Mask, "Part VIII: Kithorn"

"Sonny", the son of Chingetai, was the Earth Wife's Favorite before Jame. He was less than successful at the task; when we witness the rites, he has been told to lose. The Merikit intended to play the role of the Challenger unexpectedly claps the ivy crown of his role on Jame's head and shoves her out into the circle that becomes sacred space. Jame fights with "Sonny" and is victorious, partly by acclamation of the Merikit elders, who consider even an outsider and a girl a better choice than "Sonny". Chingetai declared Jame his son instead, to take his place and name. The River Snake eats all of "Sonny" but his boots.


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