Buried deep in every individual's mind was a soul-image—a metaphor for his or her essence in which illness and injury were also reflected. Repairing the image healed the body. A Shanir healer entered the collective soul-scape to do this, in perhaps the most intimate experience known to the Kencyrath.
Jame's narration, Seeker's Mask, "Part II: Gothregor", VII

A soul-image is the physical landscape of a Kencyr soul, as seen and created (subconsciously, for the most part) by the individual Kencyr. A Shanir healer works with this image to improve the health of the patient, both physically and mentally.

Binding of a Kencyr to a Lord involves the Lord giving the bound one a place within their soul-image. For instance, Jame allows Graykin a place as a chained guard-dog at her hearth, while the place Torisen offers to Kindrie turns out to be the lock on the bolted door behind which his image of Ganth is confined; Kindrie refuses that place, and it seems unlikely that Torisen realized that was what he was offering.

Individual soul-images overlap into the soulscape of the Kencyrath.