The soulscape is the collective landscape of the Kencyr soul.[1] Individuals have soul-images that merge into the collective; the author describes this as the "Kencyrath's collective subconscious".[1] Healers and those with similar Shanir abilities can traverse the collective soulscape as well as individual soul-images.

Early on, Jame uses "soulscape" to refer to the soul-image; presumably this is because she is working it out for herself rather than being educated in it.[2]

Each Kencyr house appears to have a collective soulscape which blends into the broader Kencyr soulscape.[3]

The Earth Wife tells Jame the sacred space of Merikit religion (worship of the Four) is Rathillien's native soulscape-equivalent.[4] It appears to be a few steps away from the Kencyr one, and the two can be travelled between.[5]


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