Southron refers to things of southern Rathillien, including its inhabitants, their language, and even their culture.


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The word "Southron" can be used to describe things from Karkinor to the Southern Wastes. It does not seem to include Nekrien.

  • Jame makes reference to Southron standards of politeness in Karkinor.[1]
  • Jame calls the barges that go down the River Tardy to Hurlen Southron.[2]
  • The phenomena of water returning to the Great Salt Sea is called a Southron phenomenon.[3]
  • Jame references Graykin's peculiarity as possible Southron customs.[4]
  • Brier calls scythe-arms Southron weapons.[5]
  • Traders selling goods from the Southern Wastes are called Southron traders.[6]


Graykin's mother, a Rathillien native from Karkinaroth, is referred to as a Southron,[7] and Graykin himself as a half-Southron[8] and a Southron.[9]

Kencyr, perhaps only Kendar, who grow up among the Southern Host may be referred to as Southrons; Brier is often referred to as such. Their skins are much darker than Riverlanders; this may reflect the Kendar adaptability to the world they live on, which Highborn do not appear to have.[10]

Other termsEdit

In Seeker's Mask, Brier twice refers to Graykin as a "Southland's mongrel" and "Southland's bastard".[11][12] No one else ever uses the term "Southland".

In Seeker's Mask, Brier is also referred to as a Southie several times, as well as a Southron. This term is not used in the later books.


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