You think that's funny? Well, I've seen it happen, boy, a whole field of burning ricks, pale tongues of fire in the summer sun, and that winter the cattle lowing with hunger so loud that no one could sleep. So shut up and do your work properly!
Stav, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter XIX: Darkness at Noon", I

Stav is a Knorth Kendar who is the harvest-master at Gothregor.[2] He has a very bad temper, and enjoys shouting.[3]


  1. The Sea of Time, "Chapter II: A Willow Rampant" — " 'I need to walk the fields and talk to the harvest master about the hay.' "
  2. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter XIX: Darkness at Noon", II — " 'It will be all right, Stav.' Somehow. 'Carry on.' The harvest-master blinked at the sound of his own name, and that sudden flare of panic faded from his eyes."
  3. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter XIX: Darkness at Noon", I — "someone as ill-tempered as the harvest-master. The man was behind him now, shouting at a raker in a voice as raspy and irritating as the chaff […] 'Here now, you cow-handed cadet! Turn those swathes and loosen 'em properly. What, you've never heard of tight-packed hay heating 'til it bursts into flames?'"

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