The Street of Ribbons is a street in the Silken Dark District of Tai-tastigon, where courtesans ply their trade.[1][2]


  1. God Stalk, Book II: Crown of Nights, "Chapter 7: The Feast of Fools" — "northward into the district called the Silken Dark. The Lady Melissand managed a small, very select establishment just off the street of ribbons, where her commoner sisters plied their trade."
  2. God Stalk, Book III: Shroud of Days, "Chapter 13: Three Pyres" — "She sprang sideways into a ribbon-bedecked street of the Silken Dark, deserting it as soon as she could for the rooftops of the courtesans' district."
Streets of Tai-tastigon
Antiquarians' Row Street of Ribbons Armorer's Row Fleshshambles Street
River Street Way of Tears

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