He talked a great deal about this lost city, the great southern capital of the Old Empire, whose decaying towers no man had seen in half a millennium.
Jame's narration, God Stalk,
"Chapter 5: Winter Days"

Tai-than is a ruined city in the south of the Eastern Lands, once the capital of the Old Empire. It is in the mountains near the south of the Ebonbane at the root of the Mildarien Peninsula,[1] and is said to contain a Kencyr temple.[2] The famed explorer Quipun of Lefy leads an exploration to Tai-than during the events of God Stalk.[3]


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  2. God Stalk, Book II: Crown of Nights, "Chapter 5: Winter Days" — " 'I've heard that there's another even larger Kencyr temple to the south, in the ruins of Tai-than.' "
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Cities of the Eastern Lands
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