As for Tanis, she was delighted to have a roommate patient enough to listen to the tale of the endless fluctuations in her affair with Bortis,
Jame's narration, God Stalk,
"Chapter 2: The House of Luck-Bringers"

Taniscent is, at the beginning of God Stalk, the Res aB'tyrr's resident dancer. On the morning after the Feast of Dead Gods, Jame is awakened by Boo, the inn's cat. Tanis appears a moment later and after making Boo leave the room, she introduces herself to Jame. She describes the effects of Jame's unexpected entrance with great relish, and tells her that she's been sleeping for thirteen days.

Jame falls asleep after a short while; when she awakens again, she sees a much younger-appearing Taniscent leaving the room. When Jame gets out of bed and makes a spectacular entrance into the kitchen, she meets the widow Cleppetty and asks about Taniscent.

Cleppetty becomes very upset and runs up the stairs, but Taniscent has already left. When Cleppetty returns, she tells Jame that Tanis has been using Dragon's Blood, a drug that gives the appearance of youth at the cost of accelerated real aging. According to the widow, Tanis started taking the drug when she was twenty because she felt that her age was ruining her dancing. The widow suspected that she had taken the drug this time to please her "worthless lover" (Bortis).[2]

Despite the pleas of her friends at the inn, Tanis continues to take the drug. When the undeclared trade war between the Skyrrman and the Res aB'tyrr begins to escalate, regular customers are blocked from coming to the Res aB'tyrr and a large group of Marplet's men arrive. They begin calling for Tanis, who was last seen with Bortis.

Finally Taniscent appears on stage to dance, looking no more than sixteen or seventeen, thanks to a dose of Dragon's Blood Bortis talked her into taking.[3] As she dances, the final, massive dose of Dragon's Blood wears off and she begins to age rapidly, to the jeers of her audience. In desperation, Cleppetty prepares to fetch the City Guards from a nearby district and asks Jame to dance, telling her to hold the crowd's attention until she can return. Tanis runs away that night.[4]

While Jame is dancing, Taniscent runs away. Jame later sees her in the Lower Town but the girl, who now looks like an eighty year old woman, runs from Jame.[5]

Jame asks Patches to look for Tanis. She finds her, and Tanis stays with her family for a while.[6] When Tanis develops a lung inflammation, Jame and Marc bring her back to the inn, and she dies in her own bed a few days later. [7]


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