W-we were born on the same day, and b-both our mothers died. The old lord valued his Molocar as much as his Kendar. Torvo and I were suckled by the same wet nurse. We've been together forever.
Tarn, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter IX: School Days", I

Tarn is a Danior randon cadet at Tentir who has the Shanir ability to bind with animals. He and the Molocar hound Torvo were born on the same day, and both of their mothers died; Molocar being valued as much as Kendar by their lord they were suckled by the same wet-nurse and bonded.[1]

By the time of To Ride a Rathorn, where we encounter them, Tarn and Torvo are both fifteen or sixteen years old; young for a Kendar, but a great age for a Molocar. The Falconer is sympathetic to Tarn's soon-coming loss, but Tarn is in some denial about it.[2]

When the senior Randon go out hunting the rogue rathorn that has been bothering the horses at Tentir, Tarn begs to be allowed to take Torvo on the hunt, but is rebuffed.[3] Later, they have their chance, when Gorbel sneaks out with his hunting pack, Caineron companions, and the Randir Simmel. Given Torvo's advancing age, they fall behind, but do independently find the young rathorn as he stands between Bel-tairi and the hounds. Torvo then expires, which triggers the young rathorn's buried memories of his mother's loss, and his scream affects everyone watching.[4]

Gorbel later gives Tarn a Molocar pup, Torvi; he pretends that it was no big deal, that it was just a matter of giving the boy a runt that would have been killed, but Jame knows better.[5]


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the Falconeers
the Eaten One

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