Thal is a Tastigon god,[1] known only by the exclamation "Thal's balls!" It is used by Tastigons like Raffing,[2] one of Theocandi's lieutenants,[3] and Patches,[4] as well as Kencyr like Harn[5] and Jame.[6] From the Kencyr, it's clear that not just just Thal's followers use it. It's popularity is probably due to it rhyming.


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  3. God Stalk, Book III: Shroud of Days, "Chapter 13: Three Pyres" — "one of the Sirdan's lieutenants slammed down his tankard. 'Thal's balls, man!' he exclaimed thickly. 'What sort of a brother are you not to have helped the Old Man when he needed it?'"
  4. "The Talisman's Trinket", II — "Thal’s balls, how long had she been unconscious?"
  5. Seeker's Mask, "Interim I: Kothifir Encampment" — " 'Thal's balls, Blackie,' Harn Grip-hard growled from the table, crumbling the report"
  6. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter XVI: Tests", II — " 'All this to stop me from graduating Tentir? Thal’s balls, I won’t even be a fully collared randon until I’ve spent two years in the field.' "

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