A Thane is the ruler of a canton in Skyrr. We have no information on how they attain that rank.

The only Thane we have seen is Harr sen Tenko, who is also one of the Five.[1] After Jame dances for him, the Archiem calls her "Thana B'tyrr," Thana likely being some variation of Thane[2]


  1. God Stalk, Book II: Crown of Nights, "Chapter 10: The Feast of Dead Gods" — "he plied her with shrewd questions, mostly about his countryman, Harr, Thane sen Tenko."
  2. God Stalk, Book III: Shroud of Days, "Chapter 12: A Flame Rising" — " 'I was told to expect something unusual, but this! Thana B'tyrr, I had intended to ask this of your master, but in view of the honor shown us tonight,' "

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